Rogue Fox Menu

Rogue Fox Breakfast

Rogue breakfast
Double fried egg, Double Smoky Bacon, Mushrooms, Cherry tomatoes,
Double Sausage, Hashbrown, Black Pudding, Beans & Sourdough Toast.


Rogue Veggie breakfast
Fried egg, Mushrooms, Cherry tomatoes, 2 Grilled
Halloumi fingers, Hashbrown, Avocado Beans & Sourdough Toast.


Chorizo Breakfast Eggs
Chorizo & scrambled eggs served on a sourdough toast with sliced cherry tomatoes, crispy onion & chives.

why not add bacon? + £1.50

Maple Bacon Pancakes

Five fluffy american pancakes served with - Maple syrup & crispy bacon.


Brioche Bap
Crispy Bacon, Sausages, Fried Egg, Cheese, Mushrooms,
Cherry tomatoes.

Choose 3 items for £3.95

Extra Items £1 each

Lunch Menu

Chutney Grilled Cheese

Caramelised red onion chutney & mozzarella cheese toastie, served with side salad & slaw


Brisket Pastrami Toastie

Gherkins, Mozzarella, Burger Sauce & served with rosemary fries.


Chipotle Chicken Toastie

Chipotle shredded chicken served with rosemary salted fries


Cheese & Tomato Toastie

Classic cheese and tomato toastie served with chunky tomato salsa, salad and slaw.


Chicken Tikka Wrap
Chicken Tikka Mayo & yogurt mint dressing, served with
salad and slaw.


Mexican Chicken Quesadilla
Three Mexican spiced chicken quesadilla with gooey cheese, diced onion. Served with nachos and dips on the side.


Birria Beef 'n' Cheese

Birria beef wrap (mildly spicy) toasted & served with nachos and chipotle sauce


Sweet Chilli Halloumi Wrap

Halloumi fingers with salad and sweet chilli sauce served with salad & slaw.


Filled Jacket Potato (served with side salad)

- Dirty bacon & melted cheese, served with crispy onions, bacon, gherkins & burger sauce

- Classic cheese & beans

- Coleslaw & cheese

- Birria Beef 'n' Cheese

- Chicken tikka with yoghurt and mint sauce