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Basecamp - House Espresso | Dark Chocolate • Carmel • Almond

Basecamp - House Espresso | Dark Chocolate • Carmel • Almond

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Pau Brazil, a classic Brazilian bean, lightly roasted to highlight rich flavour notes of DARK CHOCOLATE, CARAMEL AND ALMOND. Marked out as our house espresso, this bean also excels as a filter, making it an ideal travelling partner to go with your V60, cafetiere or Aeropress.


Brazil Cerrado Mineiro


Cerrado Mineiro Designation of Origin accredited farms





SCA Score



1100 masl

Charity Partner  

Here at Scout Coffee, we aim to support different charities with our different types of Coffee grinds.  'Basecamp' is produced in partnership with Ecologi, who specialise in reforestation and carbon offset projects across the globe! 

A tree is planted on your behalf for every kg of Basecamp purchased.


Embark on a flavorful journey with 'Basecamp', our classic Brazilian bean lightly roasted to perfection. This exquisite coffee highlights the rich and indulgent flavour notes of chocolate, cherry and almond, creating a symphony of comforting and luxurious taste. Grown in the lush landscapes of Brazil's Cerrado Minerio region, this coffee is not just a beverage; it's an experience.

The 'Basecamp' Pau Brazil coffee comes from the collaborative farms of the Cerrado Mineiro Region, where the Catuai varietal is nurtured under ideal conditions. The natural process of cultivating these beans ensures that each cup you brew is bursting with pure, unadulterated flavours. With an impressive SCA score of 83.25, 'Basecamp' is a testament to quality and excellence.

What sets 'Basecamp' apart is its versatility. While marked as our house espresso, it also excels as a filter coffee. This makes it an ideal companion for coffee adventures, whether using a V60, cafetière, or Aeropress. Its adaptability ensures that no matter how you choose to brew it, you're guaranteed a rich, smooth, and utterly satisfying cup of coffee.

Charity Partnership

At Scout Coffee, we believe in coffee with a cause. That's why we've partnered with Ecologi, an organisation dedicated to global reforestation and carbon offset projects. We proudly plant a tree on your behalf for every kilogram of 'Basecamp' purchased. This means that with every sip, you're enjoying a great cup of coffee and contributing to a healthier planet.

FAQs for 'Basecamp' - Brazilian Coffee

  1. What makes 'Basecamp' suitable for both espresso and filter brewing methods? 'Basecamp' is expertly roasted to highlight its rich flavour profile of chocolate, caramel, and vanilla, making it incredibly versatile. Its balanced acidity and body allow it to excel in both espresso and filter brewing methods, providing a consistently delightful experience regardless of how it's brewed.

  2. How does purchasing 'Basecamp' support the environment? In partnership with Ecologi, we plant a tree for every kilogram of 'Basecamp' sold. This initiative contributes to global reforestation efforts and carbon offset projects, making your purchase a step towards environmental sustainability.

  3. Can you tell me more about the farm and varietal of 'Basecamp'? 'Basecamp' is sourced from the collaborative farms of the Cerrado Mineiro Region. The coffee is of the Catuai varietal, known for its sweet and smooth profile. The natural processing method preserves the bean's inherent flavours, ensuring a high-quality cup every time.

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